What are doujinshi?

Doujinshi are Japanese fan comics that are published independently. They are unofficial and commonly parodies of existing series but many of them are also original fan characters. They come in A5 and B5 sizes and usually around 25 pages and printed in grey-scale. There are also a type doujinshi called copybooks, which are homemade with staples and generally have lower printing quality.

What is kemo/kemono?

Kemono literally translate to beastman which we call furry in the US. So while it’s the furry fandom in the US, it’s the kemono fandom in Japan. We use the term kemono in the US to specifically refer to Eastern-style furry art.

Are you a deputy service?

We can be! However, all the items you see in the store marked as in stock we already have in our warehouse in the US! So that means you get super cheap shipping and get your doujin in the mail within three to five days. If you’re interested in ordering a specific doujinshi or doujinshi around a specific series, please fill out our request form.

Why are your previews of doujinshi and manga censored?

We actually do not add any censoring to our preview scans. Sadly, in Japan, while they allow a much wider variety of artwork than most countries, they require all artwork to be censored. This law is interpreted in several ways to completely white-out the genitals to just a small line. Japanese law does not define how it should be censored exactly. If you see books without censorship, they are likely from China, Taiwan, or Singapore. There is a current movement in Japan to remove the outdated censorship laws.

I actually want to sell doujinshi. Can I do that here?

Yes and no. We do not have a marketplace setup for individual sellers, but we do buy doujinshi in bulk so we would pay you directly upfront and cover your shipping if you’re in the US! If you have some doujinshi to sell us from 1 to 100 or more, fill out the quote request form with photos of your collection.

I can’t read Japanese. What is the point of collecting doujinshi?

For the artwork! The kemono style is quite beautiful and detailed and the way the stories go you can usually follow along by just the artwork. There are also quite a few translation services that cost around one dollar per page. If you want us to refer some, contact us.