Japanese Doujinshi Hunting

When searching for doujinshi online, it’s best to know a little bit of Japanese to search auction sites, stores, databases, and more. Here are some vital Japanese words to know.

Boys Love (BL)ボーイズラブ

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Welcome to this website I’ve decided to launch. There is a lack of US doujinshi website, so I wanted to make a shop. I started collecting doujinshi back in 2003 and have always loved the unique art and so many interpretations of popular anime and video games. The few doujinshi shops I’ve seen in the US charge $30-50 for a book, which is ridiculous. Your other option is to use a middle man who charges you double or more to get the books you want only to still wait two to three weeks.

Kemobooks.com’s goal is to provide an assortment of doujinshi that can be shipped right away from the US! We also try to keep our prices around what you would pay at a convention, sometimes lower! I’m always ordering doujinshi through my contacts in Japan so will regularly have stock. My current count of books is around 1200.

However, I am picky with my content and often order books that aren’t my type. I also get duplicates all the time and if I see a good price on a book I already have, I will grab it.

Why Kemobooks? Because the majority of all the books I have are kemono, which is the Japanese word for beastman aka furry. The kemono style is so beautiful to me and I absolutely love it.

I’ve only put up a few books but plan to put up more as time goes on. We also have a Request form to ask for specific books or themes that you’re looking for. We will try to locate them, give you an ETA, then invoice you if we can get it in stock.

Please give us any advice or things you’re looking for. I am still adding content so keep a watch in our shop for new additions.

Thank you for your support!

<3 Kemolover